Karger Law Offices handles your case as quickly as the legal process will allow. As soon as your claim is placed with our office, we contact and send an immediate written and/or email demand for payment of the balance owed to the client.  If there is no response, we then follow up to track and reach the debtor personally. If the debtor makes no payment or response towards resolution, the firm then analyzes the appropriate next legal move towards resolution of the debt. With our recommendation, and with our client's authorization, the firm will proceed through the courts.  Our clients do understand that it may take time, money and patience to proceed through the precise and detailed court system.


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Many clients have expressed regrets about not turning over delinquent accounts to our firm sooner. Debtor funds dry up, businesses go under, and other legal issues also interfere with recovery of funds. Bankruptcy may interrupt the collection process.  Don't wait. It is imperative to place a claim as quickly as possible with our office to expedite collection efforts.


Collection and post-judgment pursuits take patience, effort and time. Allow us to take the burden off your shoulders to deal with the complex legal issues that must be handled.  Call our experienced law firm today for an initial consultation.  


A partnership of attorneys licensed in Massachusetts, USA

KENNETH E. KARGER:  Boston University Law School, and Law Review; US Army, Lieutenant in Judge Advocate General's Corp.; licensed to practice in local, state and Federal Courts;  a member of Commercial Law League of America; a member of Mass. Bar Association; a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute; a speaker at law and credit union presentations on commercial matters.


DANIEL M. KARGER:  Suffolk Law School; licensed to practice in local, state and Federal Courts;  past president of the Northeast Section and chairman of the New England Region of the Commercial Law League of America; a speaker at client's credit personnel meetings.





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