Karger Law Offices specializes in commercial and consumer receivables as well as in bankruptcy matters, particularly on a creditor basis. We supervise the recovery and/or litigation of claims throughout the entire United States and internationally. The firm handles the litigation personally of all matters here in Massachusetts. Outside of Massachusetts, we utilizes a network of law firms that our firm has collaborated with successfully for many years that specialize in the collection of receivables.


The firm has extensive litigation experience including:

            Collection of commercial and consumer receivables
            Civil judgment enforcement
            Real estate attachments
            Bank attachments
            Bankruptcy matters involving creditor representation
            Supplementary process
            Location and recovery of assets

You'll have detailed and expert advice as to the best route to proceed towards recovery and resolution, such as legally accessing bank accounts, locating property and residences, uncovering aliases, and requesting the Sheriff to serve a debtor in the enforcement of judgments.


You've probably read many of the tactics that prevent resolution. If debts were paid promptly, there would be no need for legal action now. Shielding and hiding assets, payments "in the mail", moving residences from state to state, are all used as evasions, postponements and delays. Of course, there are honest debtors who have business reversals and have no resources available for them to pay. Then we work with them, with the client's permission, to arrange for monthly payment plans to reduce the outstanding balance. We track these payments and remit the net payment as soon as funds are cleared by the debtor's bank.

We'll collaborate with you on all phases of the recovery and resolution, and we'll be available to discuss your case with you - online, in person and by phone.

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